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Lili Dauphin
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What People Are Saying

Lili Dauphin's CD Crying Mountain can be described as Caribpop, yet her lyrics, which often tell stories from her book, have more depth than any Britney Spears tune.

The title song, "Crying Mountain," which contains the words "you're no Stranger to pain ... your sun will rise again ... your grief won't be in vain" is both bittersweet and uplifting. As you listen to the faster-paced "Tiyaya," you can picture yourself in a small thatched-roof village bar, abandoning your bottle of Prestige beer on the table as you stand up and rush to the dance floor. A few songs are sung entirely in Creole, allowing the listener to drink in the rhythms and cadences of the native tongue of Haiti.

Track #11, "America," is a sweet ode to Dauphin's new homeland and serves as a reminder of all that we have here in this wonderful country. The CD "Crying Mountain" serves as an excellent companion to the novel, and those who appreciate learning about other cultures -- as well as a catchy tune -- would be well-advised to take a listen.

Simon John Lakkis