The Dancing Flowers

Lili Dauphin

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Lili Dauphin is up to her old tricks -- joining sage poetry with stunning photography. This time, her new batch of inspirational lines may do no less than separate us from our pain. Some poems are small meditative journeys through nature, and by the end of the book, the reader will be freer for its idyllic experience.

Robin Torance


Lili Dauphin's poems can be profound or cute, needling or inspiring but always say something. Each is a gift-wrapped piece of advice that makes every moment a celebration. Enjoy unwrapping her gifts. You may be wiser for the read. Perhaps, even smiling.


We were not born to be punished
We were born to be happy
Tools of happiness are furnished
No day has to be crappy
Being human is a major privilege
That we sometimes take for granted
Being human is a beautiful passage
That should be exalted


Remember to praise yourself today
Praise yourself for everything
I'm sure you've done something good today
It doesn't have to be a big thing
It could be anything
Such as getting out of bed this morning
Which is not always so easy
Laugh with yourself
Feel good about yourself
In fact, why not do it everyday


Forgiving someone is possible
Forgiving what they've done may be impossible
Their malfeasance may forever leave a stain
That will keep their victim in emotional pain
But, whether it's possible or impossible
Let forgiveness reign


Don't go around with a frown
Soon, creases will be shown
In sorrow, you should not drown
You don't need another breakdown
Don't let your heart shutdown
Look forward to a nice touchdown
Pretend to wear a beautiful crown
Let your smile come around
In fact, laugh till the sun goes down
Even if others think you are a clown