Betrayal in a Nutshell

Lili Dauphin

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Anyone who has ever had their heart broken will relate to this book. It captures all the raw feelings of betrayal - and goes through each stage unblinkingly through sonnet like verses. Dauphin lets it all hang out - the anger, the despair, even the comedy of it all. But there is redemption... a surprise at the end that uplifts, and inspires.

Daisy Shapiro


Lili Dauphin's poem reawakens reconciliation and explores the vulnerabilities of being human. With the honest rhythm of her voice and alternating rhyme, she walks you to a point where recovery is in fact, your own.


The Great Mountains
Let us begin with the first mountain
Awareness will give you guidance
Fortitude will shelter the rain
Determination will be your severance

Keep humility on your side
Love is where to begin
Patience will be your guide
Faith will make you a fountain

Once you make it to the first mountain
Nothing will stop you
You'll make it to all of the mountains
Where you will be new

Your life's mission is accomplished
Your heart is wide open
Your soul is replenished
You embrace each exuberant season

That first of many is all mountains
How will you prepare yourself for the next big climb?
How will you protect yourself against the rains?
The first time is the best time