The Thinking Cow

Lili Dauphin

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This book of very short modern day fables is meant to spark lively conversations from kids age 13 to a 120. Each fable contains a proverbial lesson. But what exactly is that lesson? And is there necessarily one particular lesson to be gleaned? Discuss. Or write down your answer on the blank sheet I provide after the story and lend the book to a friend or family member and let them write what they think. Maybe the book, marked up with several lessons, will someday hold great interest for one's children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. So many stories, and so many interpretations, because we all see things in our own way

Life is a series of lessons, and using the wisdom learned from them, we evolve. Who we are today to a large degree is determined by the lessons we have or haven't learned. Lessons learned —or not— helps construct the compass that guides us in our daily lives. So perhaps it is a good idea to look closely at the phenomena of lessons, and a time honored way is through animal fables.